Reperations and the only way to get it

Canaan The United Afro States

Canaan The United Afro States is the only solution for Afro Reparsations.

There are three steps to get our Reparations.

1- We most recognize that has Afro people we are one and we need to understand that the reason why we are suffering it's because we have not yet come to the unity has a one people having a one nation. But this is excetly what God want us to do, and unitll we do this we will continues living in the ghettos of those other nations.

2- When we recognized our nation Canaan The United Afro states which include all the Afro nations all over the World, and than all Afro people will come to their homeland.

3-And than we will have a memorial day for our people who had lost their lives in the colonization of Africa and during the slavery. And than we will ask those nations who had played a part on our suffering for reparations.